Forward WIP X-Over Helmets

The Froward X-Over helmet was worn by Groupama Team France in the 2017 Americas Cup in Bermuda, Red Bull Youth Americas Cup competitors, and Emirates Team New Zealand on the AC World Tour. The design was picked and design with the team due to its performance, fit and design as the best overall helmet for high speed and potentially high impact sailing. With its development alongside an America’s Cup team you can be sure you are being offered the best protection and with higher impact protection to matching those of Skiing helmets. Not only is the Forward X-Over helmet the helmet of choice for the Americas Cup sailors the unique design criteria also is perfect for a one helmet solution for sailors who want to be able to use their helmet for more than just sailing. The Crossover is the perfect choice for Multi-activity sport riders wanting to use their helmet in a variety of sports including foiling and or downhill skiing.

This May be Forwards most comfortable helmet to date with soft foam padding and cupped neoprene ear covers. It is very light and soft on your head thanks to the molded foam to shell liner and the soft inner padding. It’s also easy to fit thanks to the Forward mini dial fit system that quickly and easily dials the helmet to fit your head.

This high performance Forward WIP X-Over Helmet will be avaliable soon on OTB Marine NZ