Our Story

At the core of OTB Marine founded in late 2016 was its founders, two brothers, whose pursuit in Sailing has already taken them to contend in 4 world championships, 5 national championships overseas, 2 interdominion championship and countless national and regional championships.

In recent time the brothers have experienced a number of different sailing classes and come to appreciate quality equipment. After being approached by a number of new-coming sailors asking what to get and where to get it, Off The Beach Marine was founded specializing in yachting and windsurfing.

Before their second world championships, they founded Herbert Sailing with the main purpose being for their friends, family, teachers to follow their pursuit. Later came a farther’s project for his sons, Young Guns a high-performance 35-foot race yacht and hence Young Guns Sailing was established for a similar reason to Herbert Sailing except this time primarily for the high-performance keelboat.

Through these ventures the brothers have been exposed to a wide range of watersports equipment, here at OTB we aim to provide you with the best pick.

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