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Forward WIP Merino Base-layer - Kiwi Sailing

Forward WIP Merino Base-layer

Superfine and super-warm merino baselayer

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Top superfine Merino. The incredible properties of this technical textile which combines fast drying and hard wearing.

Merino wool has the ability to regulate temperature in all conditions. Pleasant and comfortable in the cold, it dissipates heat when your activity level increases. This too, therefore, delays the appearance of perspiration or feeling of unpleasant cooling that we can have during a break.

Naturally antibacterial: Merino wool helps keep your garment healthy and odor free. Draining: it actively removes moisture and perspiration for your comfort.
A perfect base layer under the Hybrid Semi Drysuit.


  • Antibacterial - Merino wool helps keep your garment healthy and odor free
  • Draining - actively wicks away moisture and perspiration for your comfort
  • Breathable - highly breathable fabric against moisture, ensures you stay dry
  • Light - ideal for transport and practice on the water.
  • Easy care - This garment is machine washable