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Forward Sailing Pro Harness

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Thanks to the study of trapeze induced back stress performed by Bertrand Guillo, the physiotherapist of the French national Sailing team, Forward Sailing is introducing a new harness which brings a key innovation : a belt with adjustable, integrated and interchangeable lumbar support.
This technology, already used in sports such as horse riding, motorcycling or personal workouts, relieves the compression of the lumbar vertebras by applying a light pressure all around the belly.

Comfort and freedom: the design of the harness offers great back bracing, total freedom of movements for arms and legs thanks to well designed openings. Particular care was brought to the pelvic area with neoprene coating. Perfect support of the lumbar area is ensured by an adjustable, integrated and interchangeable waist belt. The wide stainless steel buckle avoids compression of the pelvis. The lateral lines enable a micrometric adjustment to adapt the harness to the body shape of the sailor.

Our new harness was designed with attention to details and offers:

• Simplicity and lightness. It’s made with a technical Soft textile leaf
reinforced in key areas (anti-abrasion aramide-Nylon, 50 mm
webbing strap), this harness is very easy to get in and out of, and
smooth enough not to constrain movements.

• Great back support thanks to the lumbar belt, making it ideal for
sailing long distance races.

Most comfortable sailing harness ever made!" ~ Yvan Bourgnon during the Cape Horn rounding